Entry 006: Utah

Entry 006: Utah

The Mobile Research Studio banded together yet again... 
We packed up our things, each of us scattered across the map, to converge on Utah in hopes of exploring the vast territory and the variety of landscapes it offers.

From the Uintas to Little Sahara, we caravaned the whole team to the best fly fishing, hiking, and lookouts across this giant chunk of a state. This part of the country offered up shimmering sunset vistas, dry sage wind blowing across rose colored dunes, and asphalt that ends on the horizon.

We were especially inspired by the kindness and resilience of the folks that call this fierce landscape home. As always, we've documented our experience in an effort to peel back the curtain on expedition. We hope you follow along on our journey... or better yet, make your own.

We spent a week and somehow only saw a fraction of what Utah has to offer. Take this guide and tag along. Inside you'll find imagery to inspire and the tools you need to execute an expedition of your own.

Expedition Guide: Utah

If, after seeing it all, we’ve convinced you to take the plunge, you can see our exact map below and set off down our trail! Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, use it as a foundation and build your own experience. There’s plenty that we missed and so much more to see.

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